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Trying To Lose Weight? Don’t Skip Breakfast

For a very long time, we were told that skipping breakfast was the way to go if you wanted to lose some weight. The truth is, it is not.

Drinking just a cup of water or juice at breakfast time does not help much either.

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No matter your weight, eating breakfast helps regulate your blood sugar levels, preventing you from getting too hungry. The danger of starving yourself is that you will down almost anything in sight and eat way more than you should have at the next meal. This increases your total calorie intake with negative consequence on weight loss.

The best part about eating breakfast is that it makes you mentally alert and attentive. This is one reason school aged kids must not skip meals as it will bear negatively on their school participation.

Finally, breakfast is one of the daily meals where we get our multivitamin and mineral nutrients. Skipping it causes us to miss out on a portion of this important nutritional aspect and is overall bad for our health.


The best thing to do is eat a small, planned breakfast: a bowl of cereal, some fruits, a boiled egg; a small balanced meal. “Akara” or “Moi-Moi” and pap with milk is a wonder meal, as long as you don’t overdo it.



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