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Overactive Bladder: Do You Want To Pee So Bad?

Have you ever felt like you need to pee so bad, you could push down anyone or thing in your path just so you can make it to the bathroom?

I have seen people wet themselves because they couldn’t get to a bathroom in time and their bladders just wouldn’t let up (incontinence). This condition is called “Overactive bladder.”
Normally, the adult bladder can hold up to 400-500ml of urine and although the bladder muscle sends us signals when it is nearly full, urination is still under our conscious control.

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In persons suffering from an overactive bladder, the signals to pass urine are sent randomly and the bladder muscle contracts right along even though there may only be a few drops of urine in the bladder.

Are You Unsure?
Check out these symptoms
1. You feel a sudden urge to urinate and you need to go NOW!

2. If you don’t find a toilet quickly, the urine finds its own way out (incontinence)

3. You pass urine up to, or even more than 8times in a single day

4. You use the bathroom more than two times at night. Some may accidentally wet themselves while sleeping

1. Stimulants like coffee or alcohol

2. Incomplete emptying of bladder when passing urine

3. Disease conditions
i. Urinary tract infection, bladder stones, enlarged prostate, etc
ii. Diabetes
iii. Neurologic diseases like multiple sclerosis, stroke
iv. Old age

4. Some medications
There are a few things you can do to help control the situation

i. Do kegels exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor & help you control involuntary contractions

ii. Train your bladder. When you feel pressed, wait at least 30mins before using bathroom. Only do this in a convenient place

iii. Plan bathroom time: you can plan to use bathroom every 2-3hours whether you’re pressed or not. And you can do it at fixed intervals, like 8am, 10am, etc

iv. Wear absorbent pads just in case…

Medical Treatment
First, the cause has to be identified
Various drug, technological and surgical therapies are available. Consult with your doctor and decide on a plan that would work for you.

Culled From: Dr. Kharis’s Post on IG



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