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High Blood Pressure Decreases Women’s Urge For Sex – Expert Says

A medical practitioner has advised women with high blood pressure to take their drugs regularly in order to prevent a medical condition that could deprive them of sex life.

Abdulsalam Afolabi of the Safe Kids Hospital, Agbo-oba, Ilorin, gave this advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ilorin on Thursday, May 11.

The medical practitioner said that the condition could reduce the flow of blood to the vag!na.

“If a woman’s blood flow to her vagina is reduced, it may also affect how her body responds both before and during intercourse,” he said.

According to Afolabi, high blood pressure in some women can lead to a decrease in sexual desire or arousal, vag!nal dryness or difficulty achieving orgasm.

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“Women should talk to their doctors if they experience these difficulties,” he added.

“This is because a study has shown that women, who have good control of their blood pressure through drugs, are much less likely to experience sexual problems.

“The treatment of high blood pressure can help to improve sexual function and the patients will have a better quality of life.”

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Afolabi added that some women affected by this condition might also have a lower libido and less interest in sex, due to a contributing factor of fatigue.


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