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Ectopic Pregnancy: Baby In The Wrong Place

Ever heard horror stories of a baby (fertilised egg) implanting in the wrong place in a woman’s womb? Heard of ruptured tubes and even almost unbelievable stories of women carrying a baby inside their abdomen?

These things happen and when they do they are referred to as “ectopic pregnancy,” meaning, pregnancy outside the womb.

When a woman’s egg is fertilised, the result is called an embryo.

An embryo is a baby that is still in its formative stages.



If you have missed your period, or have a positive pregnancy test and experience the symptoms listed, please see a doctor immediately.

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Before now, ectopic pregnancy was almost always an indication for surgery. Presently, there are two modalities for treatment:

  1. Medication: with intense monitoring as the tubes could still rupture. The success rate with medication is not very high
  2. Surgery

Don’t delay. A ruptured ectopic is a life-threatening condition

Culled From: Dr. Kharis Effiong’s Instagram Post




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